Aerial Equipment Safety

Whether it be a scissor lift, boom lift, telehandler, competent operators must know, not only
how to operate the particular machine but also be aware of the hazards associated with it. They must be able to operate the machine in a manner that protects not only their safety but the safety of others in the workplace. Having properly trained workers keeps everyone safe.

When considering training, always ensure the trainer is certified and that it is a certified course in which all participants receive a certificate and wallet size card upon completion.

We want you to be safe in the workplace and offer certified training from a certified trainer. Contact Martin at our Venables St Location in Vancouver 604 255 7368 to inquire how to get your workers certified to operate boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers and fork lifts. We are even mobile!! 

10 Quick Tips for Safe Operating:

1. Machine must be operated by a competent person with training on how to
operate properly.

2. Check your surroundings for possible hazards – Overhead, ground and other workers.

3. Inspect equipment prior to use EVERYDAY. Complete pre-shift inspection form.

4. Fall protection is in good condition and attached properly.

5. Never exceed rated weight load of platform.

6. Do not alter or disconnect or disable any safety device.

7. Personnel should not work from mobile elevated devices if winds exceed manufacturers recommendations or they are exposed to extreme weather conditions (thunderstorms, heavy rain, extreme heat or cold) unless provisions have been made to ensure safety and/or protection.

8. Wheel chocks should be used when parked on inclined surfaces.

9. Gradability should not exceed specifications in the operator’s manual.

10. If the operator’s manual is missing and/or any registration decals are not clearly visible, the equipment should be rendered out of service.

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