Tool Talk – Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to protect the wearer from injury from safety matters
physical, chemical and biological hazards – It is the employers duty to supply the equipment
and it is the employees duty to wear it. PPE is a last defence – if you do not wear it you have
no defence !!!!

Main Points

♦ Mandatory equipment on this site – this may include, safety boots, hard hat, safety glasses
and high visibility vest
♦ Job specific equipment must be available and worn.
♦ Company employees will be supplied with the required equipment – all sub contractors
and self employed must provide their own.
♦ All equipment must be treated with respect – you may depend on it to save your life !

Head Protection

♦ Falling objects and materials can result in serious injury – wearing a safety helmet
reduces the risk of such serious injury.
♦ Check your helmet for cracks and damage – IF IT’S DAMAGED REPLACE IT!
♦ Ensure helmet harness is adjusted to provide a comfortable and secure fit.
♦ Helmets last 2 to 3 years with average use. They are date stamped to show the year of
manufacture – replace as required.

Did you know A&B Tool Rentals carries these types of personal protective equipment? Give us a call, we’ll even drop it off at your site!

ppe ppe-sign-surrey

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