Tool Talk Safety – Housekeeping

housekeepingPoor housekeeping is a common, but easily preventable, cause of accidents and it is the
responsibility of every worker on the job to keep his work area clean and organised.

Main Points

♦ Housekeeping is an important issue on our sites because as well as for safety
purposes, a tidy job reflects the workmanship on the project.
♦ Each individual / sub contractor is responsible for the removal of debris and keeping
their area of work clean.
♦ Look after your own area – clean as you go – do not leave hazards which place you or
your workmates at risk.

Slip / Trip & Fall Hazards

♦ A minimum of 600mm is required on all working platforms.
♦ Keep all cables, hoses etc. away from walkways.
♦ All opens in floors or roofs must be securely covered – DO NOT COVER ROPES WITH
♦ Ensure you have adequate lighting.


♦ De-nail timber as work progresses
♦ All protruding re-bar should be cut or capped

Fire Precautions

♦ The likelihood of fire on a site is increased if there is rubbish strewn about.
♦ Keep all access routes, especially fire escape routes clear of all debris and materials.
♦ Do not leave shot firing cartridges about the site.


♦ Rats are attracted by food waste – use the bins provided and do not leave food on site.

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