All About Pumps

Which pump is best suited for your application?


lb480 lb800Dewatering pumps: LB480 and LB800

These pumps are best for pumping clean water and fits down an 8” pipe. Great for draining swimming pools, rain water filled up in forming, ponds and non-contaminated area. Not recommended for use in areas with lots of mud and debris. LB800 is a high head pump.
LB-480-62                                    LB-800
21lbs weight                                29lbs weight
Max. Head: 40ft                        Max. Head: 60ft
Max. GPM: 63                             Max. GPM: 82
11 1/4” height                             13 7/16” height
7 3/8” diameter                         7 3/8” diameter
32ft cable length                       50ft cable length
110V, 2/3 HP                             115V, 1HP
2” discharge size                        2” discharge size
Designed to fit an 8” pipe

Trash pumps: HS2.4S-62

HS_medThese pumps are designed to pump sand, solids, and debris with minimal wear and clogging. Although debris too large will still clog it up. Excellent pump for construction use with dirty applicatons.


Built-in shaft mounted agitator suspends solids.
25-47lbs weight
Max. Head: 40ft
Max. GPM: 57
12 15/16-15 1/4” height
10 1/16-12 7/16” diameter
20-32ft cable length
110V or 220V, 1/2-1HP
2 or 3” discharge size


lcs1.4s-61This pump must be primed first in order to work – fill it with water. It is able to pump down
to the floor, even the smallest puddle can be pumped dry. Perfect for flooded basements,
construction sites with concrete flooring, large road/parking lot puddles. Mop up pump:
Prime pump through discharge outlet for start up at any water level.
1 3/8” height, 23 lbs
Max. head: 40 ft
Max. GPM: 45
18 1/4” diameter
32ft cable length
110V, 2/3 HP
3/4” discharge size

Heavy Duty high head pumps: NK2-15, NK2-22

nk2-15_1These pumps are capable of handling abrasive materials with minimal wear. Heavy duty, high head pump can handle up to 1/4” material, diry water, and muddy areas. Not recommended for pumping in areas with lots of debris.

NK2-15                                                  NK2-22
3” Discharge Size (in.)                     3” Discharge Size (in.)
2HP, 110 or 220V                             3HP, 220V
32ft cable length                                32ft cable length
9 7/16” diameter                               9 7/16” diameter
24 1/2” height                                     24 1/2” height
63.5 lbs weight                                    64 lbs weight
Max. head: 69 ft                                 Max. Head: 85 ft
Max. GPM: 110                                  Max. GPM: 130

Gas Pumps: TE3-50HA – 2”, TE3-80HA – 3”

te350haCan handle solid materials up to 3/8”. Great for any construction applications including wet mud, slurry, minimal debris and dirty water.


TE3-50HA                                           TE3-80HA
2″ NPT male suction size               3″ NPT male suction size
2″ discharge size                                3″ discharge size
Honda GX-120                                   Honda GX-160
55lbs weight                                        64lbs weight
19x15x18″                                            21x17x19
Max Head: 115 ft                               Max head: 105 ft
Max GPM: 135                                   Max GPM: 265

3” Diaphragm pump: TD4-3

td4300_808_generalThis pump will handle up to 1-3/4” diameter solid material. Great for any construction
applications with lots of debris, sand, mud, etc.

3″ suction and discharge size
Max. discharge head: 25 ft
Max. suction lift: 25 ft
Max. GPM: 80
155lbs weight

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