Tool Talk Safety – Manual Handling

Manual handlings activated are a significant of injuries in the construction sector. lifting_technique

Main Points

♦ You must take reasonable care of your own safety and the safety of others
♦ The primary aim is to eliminate manual handling so far as is reasonably practicable
(i.e. use mechanical handling).
♦ Where manual handling must be carried out then it must be assessed, and proper
procedures must be used.
♦ Plan deliveries and storage to take into account load sizes, locations and distribution.
♦ Assess all loads: are they heavy, bulky, unstable, difficult to grasp, sharp etc? Size up
the load and, if necessary, make a trial lift by rocking it from side to side and then lifting
it a few inches.
♦ Can you handle the load yourself or do you need assistance?
♦ Wear suitable clothing and PPE such as gloves and safety boots to protect against
cuts, crushed toes etc.
♦ Is there sufficient space, suitable lighting and a clear route to where you are taking the
♦ Do not carry a load that will obscure your vision.
♦ If necessary move loads in stages.

Always use a good handling technique:
1. Stand reasonably close to the load, feet hip width apart with one foot slightly forward
pointing in the direction you’re going.
2. Bend your knees whilst keeping your back straight and get a secure grip on the load.
4. Breathe in before commencing the lift.
5. Carry out the lift smoothly using the legs to take the strain, keeping the back straight,
chin up, and arms close to the body.
6. Step off in the direction the advanced foot is pointing, keeping the load close to the
7. If necessary, stop for rests en-route and avoid any jerky or twisting movements.

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