Tool Talk – Fall Protection Safety

Fall Protection Safety

How long does it take to fall?

Don’t forget your Personal Fall Protection Equipment! You may not have time to grab hold of something safe, but you can still prevent a tragedy. Properly maintained and worn, a safety belt or full body harness attached to a secure anchor could save your life. Here is your list of personal protection equipment required:

– Safety Belts
– Full Body Harnesses
– Lanyards and Anchors
– Personal Shock Absorbers
– Carabiners
– Vertical Lifelines
– Rope Grabs
– Retractable Lifelines
– Horizontal Lifelines

Also, make sure not to tie up to an anchor point in such a way that would cause you to swing into an obstruction. This may be as harmful as falling on the ground.

Make sure to inspect these pieces before each use. If it is damaged or worn, do not wear it. It is time for new stuff!

What happens if I do fall? Can I still use my equipment again?

After a fall, immediately remove from service all equipment used to arrest the fall. You cannot use
the equipment again until it’s been inspected and approved by the manufacturer or other approved agent, or by a professional engineer.

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