About A&B Tool Rentals

A&B Tool Rentals is a Canadian tool and equipment rental company with two locations based in Vancouver BC and a third location in Surrey, BC.  We offer a wide range of tool rentals and equipment rentals for construction, landscaping, renovations, and plumbing or drainage contractors.  Our customers range from large construction companies to small contractors and service businesses.

We serve the Greater Vancouver BC area and are known for:

Our knowledgeable staff that sets us above the rest

We work hard to deliver the equipment that you need.  By asking the right questions and with an understanding of how our equipment is used, we are able to match equipment to your needs.  We work at your speed and speak your language to save you time and money.

The A&B Rental Ready Process™—Reliable Equipment

We know that when you are on a schedule and your people are ready, our equipment has to work.  That’s why we developed the A&B Rental Ready Process™.

  • Equipment is cleaned and visually inspected

  • Our maintenance technicians use our quick A&B Reference Service Manual for specific manufacturer checks and preventative maintenance required for every specific tool

  • A complete function check is performed

  • Units are greased and fueled

  • If the equipment passes all tests, the service technician signs, dates and tags the unit as Ready-to-Rent

  • Equipment is fired up and function-tested one last time before delivery

“One call gets it done”

 By having, finding or getting what you need, we work at your pace.  No need to call around to find what you need or set up new accounts for one time use—we do that for you.  If we don’t have it, we find it. If you need it, we get it.  When you need it.  As soon as the phone rings, we are on a timer.  Our delivery dispatch system ensures that every order is delivered in under 2 hours from the time we receive your call and quite often in 1 hour or less.  Our automated scheduling with GPS tracking will connect the available drivers with the fastest route to your location.

Our delivery system is expandable

By cross-training our people, we can get extra hands where we need them.  Our system allows us to turn counter or maintenance people into drivers during peak periods, to keep your orders on schedule.

Fast response guaranteed

Sometimes equipment becomes in need of maintenance or repair.  When this happens we take care of you in two ways.

  1. First, our knowledgeable staff will walk you through possible solutions with the help of our A&B Troubleshooting Manual.  This is an ongoing compilation of common issues that we have found in the field.  If you are not up and running in a few minutes, we go to step 2.

  2. Our dispatcher will have a mechanic on his way to service the equipment on site or have a driver deliver a replacement unit—whichever is faster to keep you rolling.

Keep track of what you have on rent

Often clients need to know what they currently have on site.  One call to our sales counter and we can fax or e-mail you a list. If you have internet access you can go online to view anytime.

Give us a try: Browse our Online Catalog or call us at (604) 879-8633

Our new website allows you to browse our Online Catalog and request quotes online.  Or just call our office and we’ll set up an account for you. We’ll be ready to send you equipment as soon as you need it.

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